Simple idea – VERY powerful customer connection.

THEY are the 22 words which show how simple but devastatingly effective connecting with your customers can be. One text message that can make a customer feel they are uniquely valued.

My significant other is a regular blood donor. I know and she knows that it’s a special thing to do, but realistically we also know hers is one in 1.5m blood donations made in Australia last year. Literally just one transaction in a million others.

And then a few days ago she received this text message from the Red Cross, a few days after she had made her latest donation.

Now, there is some cool infrastructure integration here which connects the donor with their

Short of taking her to a hospital ward and introducing her to a patient infused with her blood, this was the most direct way of making my partner feel both valued and inspired. All in 22 words.

We know connecting with your customers is critical for business success today. That doesn’t have to mean spending loads of money on infrastructure or advertising. This week, the Red Cross proved this beyond doubt.

The beauty is the simplicity, using possibly existing infrastructure integration to connect the donor with their blood’s destination to make them feel good about themselves. The sending of the text message costs a few cents but the impact of this customer engagement is profound and more effective than any statistics or appeal could be.

So simple. So awesome. Is there some hidden customer connection gold in your business? We’d love to share that story too.

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